Coffee Delivered To Your Desk

Coffee delivered to your desk

Tired of working in a cafe?

Frustrated with trying to work on wobbly cafe tables?

Work with spotty mobile internet?

Have meetings over the noise of a coffee machine?

Concentrate over loud conversations or children at the next table.

It’s time to ditch the cafe!

Burleigh Space gets full cafe service

Since we opened the doors in January we’ve been focused on providing our members with everything they need to get on with their work, and be successful. And coffee is always part of that.

Our location in the centre of Burleigh village means that there’s plenty of great choices for food and drinks, just downstairs, so it’s not hard to find something you like. But until now, that meant going out.

Well that’s all changed – Derek and the teamĀ from Connors Cafe, just downstairs, are offering full cafe service for Burleigh Space members.

They’ll deliver coffee and food to your desk together with 15% discount on prices (25% for food). All you have to do is call your order in and wait for it to be delivered.

So now there’s really no excuse, is there? Get on upstairs to Burleigh Space and become a member today!

Check out the menu here…

Burleigh Space is a friendly inclusive co-working space with high speed internet, large private workspaces, a meeting room, beach views, easy parking and 24-hour access (for monthly members) with great casual day or monthly rates – no contracts.

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